If you wake every morning feeling blessed that your enjoyment of life has yet to be curtailed by a single ailment then you really do have reason to celebrate… Because, as you are about to discover, the kind of fortune you are experiencing tends not to last. On this page I am going to both tell you why your run of good health may be up for grabs, and how to hold onto it…

How To Reduce Your Outsized And Growing Risk For Chronic Disease, And Lock In Control Of Your Health

If you were already chronically ill you’d know the news is bad.

For people already challenged with health issues this is perhaps the worst period through which they have lived. And if you are not yet sick? Then the thought has no doubt occurred to you that you soon could be.

The appearance of a novel strain of coronavirus has seen to that.

The one thing no one is arguing about is whether all our lives didn’t take a turn for the worse when this unwelcomed invader showed up – another emerging disease to remind us that we can never be fully immune to health threats arising spontaneously in far off locations.

That’s because overnight intercontinental flights guarantee microbes go anywhere a human can, and just as quickly.

And yet… as worrisome as the threat of a pandemic might be, there is an arguably MUCH bigger public health threat going on right now.

This one is literally taking place right under our noses. It is just as deadly, yet unlike the coronavirus pandemic which will kill perhaps 1 out of every 100 people who catch this horrible disease, this other threat has been killing 2 out of 3 people for decades.

It is able to manage this horrendous death count because, unlike pandemics which come and go, this insidious risk to life and limb persists year in, year out.

Two hundred years ago this danger to our lives was a footnote in the mortality and morbidity reports prepared by physicians and coroners. Today it takes out the majority of the population…

Cutting them down effortlessly like the sweeping blade of a skyscraper-sized Grim Reaper

When the odds of this threat to your life catching up with you are 2 out of 3 you can see how I might be a little worried about where my health, your health, the health of everyone you and I know is likely headed.

Of course, you might be the exception – the Scrooge McDuck of wellness whose “health vault” is filled to the brim with inexhaustible reserves of well-being and longevity.

Yes, that could be you…

But let me ask you a hard question. This is the first of two I have for you.

When was the last time you got out of bed, caught sight of yourself in the bathroom mirror, and thought to yourself:

“My god, I look fantastic. The picture of health. And darn it, I feel just amazing too!”

Pat yourself on the back if you can remember the last time this happened.

Because, more likely than not if you have reached the middle part of your life, you cannot remember the last time.

I would say, don’t fret, that this is not unusual – except not being unusual is actually a symptom of the problem.

This is not just a very real problem which affects almost all of us, it’s a big one.

It is, as they say, a doozy – and it makes the threat of untimely death due to catching a poorly-understood coronavirus seem like small potatoes in comparison.

I am talking about an ever-expanding disease vortex…

A vitality-draining pit in danger of sucking in everyone who advances beyond their 50th year

The numbers give an inkling of just how deep this hole goes.

Take the annual tab for health care in the United States. It comes in at 3.6 trillion dollars. This would be enough to stuff more than $10,000 into the bank account of every man, woman, and child in the country (every SINGLE year, mind you) if they did not need the money to cover health care expenses.

“But wait just a minute,” I hear you grumbling about this unpleasant reality, “I’m fairly healthy (so far) and I’m already paying about that much in health insurance costs and it’s killing me!”

Of course it is.

Sure. You may feel like a sucker for doing this – I don’t blame you one bit – the crazy thing is that you are still the “lucky one”.

Because you have your health.

At least for now.

But as I’ve said, you might be closer to having your good health up and disappear on you than you think. Especially, for example, if you live anywhere in the world where your lifestyle approximates that of the American way of life.

I’m talking about:

  • Sitting around all day in front of a monitor, both at work and at home. Instead of vigorous physical activities, you find yourself opting for another three episodes of your favorite Netflix series. Besides, who can think of going to the gym in a time of social distancing?
  • Relying on convenience (often junk) foods that look more like brightly-colored props from a sci-fi movie than something that came out of the ground or was grown on a tree. You think nothing of purchasing restaurant foods but you never think to ask the chef whether the oils he cooks in are healthy or not (the answer is they are almost always not).
  • Stockpiling your stress instead of figuring out how to dispense of it before it ratchets up your blood pressure and coronary artery plaque levels to dangerous amounts. Yes Netflix, might help a bit with this, but it’s not the antidote to high blood pressure, coronary disease and stress-accelerated dementia.
  • Thinking your health care provider will save you. Sorry, but hoping someone else is going to step in at the last minute and save you if a life-threatening illness takes hold is not a reliable strategy for self-preservation. Sure, they might try. But the best way to avoid dying prematurely is to lower your risk for disease DECADES in advance of having to face the music. Life-saving treatments are hit and miss, they’re not guaranteed Get Out Of Jail cards!

Here’s the problem with living your life this way.

Our bodies revolt when we stop moving. Without the physical stimulation that switches on genes that maintain proper bodily function we go into decline.

Our bodies atrophy even more rapidly, and allow themselves to be pulled even sooner into that swirling vortex of disease, when we fail to give them the nourishment needed to maintain those vitally protective elements of skin, mucus membranes, and immune system cellular defenses that repel the microbial world.

Even without the routine appearance of foreign invaders to throw our bodies off balance we are prone to withering opportunistic diseases we could otherwise easily have avoided.

And our minds are suffering under the enormous mental anguish that comes from trying to live our lives like perpetual plate spinners, always trying to keep one step ahead in the financial balancing act that has become a way of life for so many of us (unless of course you’ve been not only lucky in health, but wealth too – in which case you need to be teaching me, and not the other way around!)

In the United States 6 in every 10 adults suffers from at least one chronic disease. More adults are chronically ill than are not!

But it’s worse than that. Two thirds of these people have at least one other disease.

Here’s the worrying part – you know, if you’re reading this and thinking “Yes, but I’m doing OK so far. Knock on wood…” – you might already be one of these people with chronic disease and you do not realize it just yet.

Take chronic kidney disease, for instance.

An estimated 37 million people in the United States have it.

Yet amazingly, 9 out of 10 adults with a mild to moderate case of the disease are not even aware they have it. And they may not find out what’s in store for them until a random visit to the doctor for something completely unrelated finally reveals the bad news.

An advanced case of kidney disease is no joke.

It’s costly too. Going onto a dialysis machine to have your blood removed from your body, scrubbed of toxins, and reinjected back into your body is every bit as scary, every bit as time-consuming, and every bit as life-threatening as you might think it is. Your life expectancy goes way down, as does your bank account (you can bet those dialysis machines and the people trained to run them keep the health insurance companies tossing and turning at night).

Nor is kidney disease the only affliction you might be harboring unawares for the longest time.

Diabetes is initially a hidden disease which begins mildly enough with a nibbling away of your vitality, and ends with a life-threatening assessment about where things could go next. The same is true of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

bad news at the doctor's office

Chronic health conditions are becoming an increasingly common feature of modern life – especially as we advance into middle age. Unless of course we take early and decisive preventative action.

Between the ages of 40 and 60 years your body is reorganizing itself, and not for the better!

Meanwhile you’re oblivious to it all.

When so much going on around you in the world seems like one bad news story followed by another, how could it possibly be otherwise? Unless you went to medical school for years and paid close attention to the training, how would you be able to recognize the signs that you might be in trouble? Even your doctor has to order tests to be sure when they suspect something might not be right.

How could you ever be expected to do better than them?!

Now, here’s the other hard question I have for you (remember, I said there were two). This is really the thing that has me concerned. Because I think I already know the answer, and it provides me no comfort whatsoever…

Would you be able to do it?

It’s a daunting thought, isn’t it?

I mean, I’ve always imagined that if the worst should happen to me and I am suddenly struck ill, or God forbid, a freak accident should happen…

Then someone would step in and rescue me.

Well, lately (and I have already suggested as much) I have started to see I might be wrong about that.

And if you have ever thought this true of yourself – that you might somehow be “protected” by others, or by a supremely benign public health care system, from the worst life has to toss your way…

Well, who’s to say your thinking on this subject has not been as overly-optimistic as mine?

Carolyn HansenHey there, my name is Carolyn Hansen.

For years now I have been preaching a life of dedication to physical and mental well-being. I’ve learned a lot over the past three decades about how to improve my chances of living a long and disease-free life.

But if the events of 2020 have taught me anything, it’s that all I’ve learned so far might not be enough. And that got me thinking, as it might have you lately, and that’s what has lead to this question about what might next be in store for you…

Imagine for a moment the time has come – something dramatic has happened in your life

It takes you by surprise, and plunges your very continued existence into question…

Then you discover to your dismay that no one around you seems to have the slightest ability to help you avert your fate.

The only person who can save you from what is coming is you.

And not only that, but you discover your ability to save yourself is contingent on you having prepared ahead of time for this awful thing…

Which is looking very much like the imminent and catastrophic collapse of the life-support systems which have kept you functioning since the day you were conceived.

From what I have outlined above about the unobtrusive and potentially life-endangering health conditions which can lie dormant inside you for so long, you can see how this might come to pass.

The pandemic of 2020 has been a HUGE wakeup call in this regard.

People on every continent have suddenly begun to realize just how vulnerable they are to unexpected life-threatening assaults on their personal biology.

Today we know the coronavirus pandemic has the power to critically disable and hospitalize roughly 1 in every 7 people who come into contact with it.

Hopefully, neither you nor anyone you know will ever be one of these people

The “good news”, if you can call it that, is it seems those least likely to cope with the stress of this novel pathogen (against which few if any of us has any built-in immunity) are those who are already to some degree immunocompromised.

This might be because of advanced age which sowly wears away our immune system.

Or it might be because of the presence of one or more diagnosed (or still hidden) chronic diseases which accelerate the pace of the decline.

Or it might be because of malnutrition, or some other equally correctable cause…

Yet, no matter what might be fueling it, the emergence of coronavirus simply stoked a fire that was already taking with it countless lives every year.

I am certain I do not have to tell you that poor health kills millions unnecessarily and has done so throughout all recorded human history.

But the truth is no one knows for sure when a new disease arises who will be susceptible and who will not.

Many old folks with chronic illness have contracted COVID-19 and lived to tell the tale.

Others, decades younger and seemingly in the pink of health, have not…

The only thing we know for sure is this:

You are the person most likely to have the strongest influence on your ultimate fate…

This is true whether you are dealing with an exotic virus, a routine bacterial infection set in as the result of a heart bypass operation, or any one of a hundred different medically precarious scenarios.

You are the important influence because only you have the power to ensure you take those actions ahead of time which can prevent the worst from happening to you.

And that’s where I come in.

Or more accurately that’s where my Wellness Wakeup Call program comes in.

This is how you prepare to save your own life.

I want to give you the tools to stave off that day of reckoning.

I know, it sounds a little dramatic.

But let’s be honest. If your day of reckoning does come it will most certainly be dramatic and not in any good way.

Below you will find more information on what I have planned for you.

I mean, besides helping to keep you above ground for as long as humanly possible!

We know that one of the biggest risk factors for advancing to severe illness if you become infected with coronavirus is old age. In fact old age is synonymous with bad outcomes when facing down every life-threatening disease you can think of…

Here’s why I mention that. I cannot turn the clock back for you. Nor can I reverse the damage of a long-tolerated disease. But not all the chronic conditions I’ve touched on (and there are many more I have not) are immune to the positive effects of self care.

That I certainly can help you with.

More importantly, if you are relatively healthy now, I can teach you how to prolong that state of good health. This can be done in anticipation of eventually falling ill with COVID-19 or any other unforeseeable pathogen-mediated disease which may gain traction in the future.

Your body is designed from the get-go to brush off the microbial world. Millions of years of evolutionary history have honed your immune system, almost to perfection.

But it can only do that job well if your physical health is properly maintained.

This Is The Purpose Of My Program – To Provide You With A Series Of Timely Wellness Wakeup Calls

My intention is not just to help you stimulate your immune system so that it can better protect you against the common cold, or influenza, or any of the exotically-named viral and bacterial threats you might be exposed to in the coming years.

This is important for sure, but it is just as important to avoid as many as possible of the disabling comorbidities of modern life. The ones that were routinely causing illness and death for millions of people every year before coronavirus began encircling the globe…

In essence, the byproduct of helping you to avoid these chronic conditions is that your odds of falling seriously ill with COVID-19 may be reduced.

coronavirus cartoon

If we learned anything from our most recent experience with pandemic viruses it is that they take us by surprise and there will be more to come. Our best bet is to be prepared for the next one…

Part of the reason for this is that what all of those potentially life-threatening chronic conditions have in common is that they increase inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation, especially in the lungs where it can escalate to a state of over-reaction to infection, is the primary cause of death in those who contract COVID-19.

Our collective loss of vitality, the way we have allowed chronic disease to embed itself into our lives, has made us far more prone to disease from an infectious pathogen that we otherwise could (and should) have been at this point in human history.

It shouldn’t be this way, and it needn’t continue to remain this way for anyone willing to make the effort to regain control of their health.

So my question to you is simply this:

Would You Like Me To Help You Improve Your General Health And Bolster Your Immunological Preparedness? (You Will Be Needing It)

Even if the idea of improving one’s immunological response did not suddenly look so appealing because of the emergence of a global pandemic, every single one of us will always be at the mercy of our general health.

Long-term health profiles have not been looking good for many of us for a very long time now. I am hoping that today you can see just how important it is for all of us to try to change that.

Here is how I would like to help you with that goal…


Wellness Wakeup Call membership card

I believe we all need reminders to help keep us on track.

When you become the next member of my program I am going to begin communicating to you my thoughts, ideas, and strategies for improving your general physical and mental well-being while the world around you is constantly changing. Whether it is throwing up new epidemiological threats or allowing existing risks to your well-being to fester (like poor health care options and terrible nutritional and workout advice from the “Youtube celebs”) I will try to an antidote to the madness.

From this point on I will be preoccupied with how to remain one step ahead of the ever increasing risk factors that threaten my health, and yours.

Let’s take brief look now at what will you be receiving from me in the months ahead to help you regain control of your health.

month 1 mindset


You may already be convinced that preserving your physical and mental well-being is one of the highest priorities in your life. But unless you are able to conquer your natural resistance to taking action on your own behalf nothing is going to happen.

Your life a year from now will be almost indistinguishable from what it is today!

So to nip this failure of resolve in the bud we are going to use the first month to examine the mental obstacles that hold us back. You will be exposed to strategies to help eliminate your internal resistance to positive changes in your life.

These strategies will enable you to:

  • LEARN THE ANCIENT ART OF SELF-DISCOVERY and use it in your life to become physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally extraordinary. By harnessing these centuries-old practices you will become more mindful and grounded, opening you up to a life of balance, calmness and emotional fulfilment.
  • DEPROGRAM YOUR MIND using a carefully prepared audio that employs Solfeggio frequencies to bring about a healthier happier you. This is how you unblock behavioral patterns that we have unwittingly allowed others to write into our consciousness and limit our well-being. But what can be written can also be overwritten…
  • ACTIVATE YOUR POWERS OF SELF HEALING – and maybe save your own life! It is a curious but undeniable fact that your body is designed To HEAL ITSELF. Millions of years of optimized biochemical healing pathways guarantee this invaluable gift – yet the more we know about self healing the less we seem to use it. This needs to change!
  • RESTORE BELIEF IN YOURSELF by using a 20 minute Solfeggio audio session to tap into the self-fulfilling capabilities of your mind. Mastering belief in yourself is a prerequisite to tackling challenges with ease. This session will allow you to achieve your goals by easing you into habits that promote high self confidence.
  • MASTER POWERFUL MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES – the same ones I have used to pull off some of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I show you how to use these powerful techniques of self-persuasion to steel your mind and pull off feats in parts of your life where you otherwise might never have had the confidence to proceed.
  • LEARN TO FUTURE-PACE, then achieve your resolved goals by putting broken health resolutions behind you once and for all. Using an audio session you’ll be able to easily tap into the self-motivating capabilities of your mind – simply by kicking back with a pair of headphones and listening!
  • BECOME A SUPER HEALTH PRACTITIONER by aligning your personal habits with the best prospects for the longest possible and highest quality health life. This is how you enjoy a virtually stress-free existence which can extend life by 10, 20, perhaps even 30 years.
month 2 nutrition


Perhaps the most fundamental contribution to your well-being and the capacity of your immune system to operate at peak performance is the quality of the food you eat.

Because of this we dedicate a full two months looking at ways to improve your diet without requiring you to abandon the pleasures you get from food. This means we are going to need to get a little inventive when it comes to the preparation of our meals. But we will be up to it, borrowing from decades of my own experimentation in the kitchen.

Over the course of these two months you’ll be exposed to nutritional strategies designed to help you:

  • REBALANCE YOUR APPETITE for automated fat loss in as little as 21 days. By following the blueprint laid out in this comprehensive healthy eating guide you will be able to devise your own approach to GUILT FREE eating without sacrificing your love for food. This is how you realize your fat loss goals one meal at time.
  • BID GOODBYE TO JUNK FOOD. But do it without penalizing your sweet tooth. I’ll give you 100 recipes for healthy raw snacks and treats which eliminate the health-crushing effects of sugar and flour. We’ll also replace dairy and eggs with alternatives for simple bake-free nutritionally-dense junk food replacements.
  • RETHINK THE NEED FOR BREAKFAST. Could it be that two meals a day works better for health, weight loss and longevity? Actually yes. You’ll discover why ditching the “most important meal of the day” might be the best move you could ever make. For decades I thought just the opposite – but I was wrong!
  • COLORIZE YOUR SMOOTHIES. In particular, I am strongly recommending you go green in your blender with these 24 recipes for energy-boosting beverages in which you will find some surprising ingredients. But all of them immune-system boosting, junk food cravings reducing, and spectacularly green.
  • EAT BETTER, NOT LESS. My thinking is that you should always love your food and never feel like you’re at war with it. I’ll show you the trick to eating more food – not less – while still being able to burn fat continuously. This is how to eat while being able to tear up your plus sizes and shop for sexier clothes!
  • EAT LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS – the ones that never experienced the skyrocketing rates of diabetes, obesity, heat disease, and cancer we see today. It is not an accident that 2 out of 3 people now die from cancer and heart disease while 200 years ago almost no one did. There’s a valuable lesson here. You’ll learn it.
months 3 nutrition


During the second month of reorganizing your approach to food to as to boost your health and well-being we are going to emphasize taking ownership of some aspects of your diet by crafting the foods you eat. Out of your kitchen will appear some of the same high-impact foods that I enjoy myself daily.

  • BRING BACK DESSERTS. If you have been denying yourself these lip-smacking treats thinking they’re bad for your health… you’re right, usually they are. But not if you follow the advice about making them I’m about to impress upon you. 100 mouth-watering recipes for desserts designed with your health in mind.
  • SLOW YOUR INTERNAL CLOCK. What if by simply eating the right foods you could slow down the aging process? Not only is that possible but I am going to provide you with a list of 99 of the best foods for this purpose. Plus a short list of 10 foods that do the opposite (speed up your clock!) which you’ll want to avoid.
  • REINVENT BREAD. If you are gluten-intolerant or diabetic you might have taken bread off the menu (for good reason). But what if I can show you how to bake your own healthy breads from home? I’ll introduce you to delicious and healthy traditional bread recipes so you can leave the modern breads on the shelf.
  • BECOME A SHORT-ORDER CHEF. If you feel overwhelmed at the end of a busy day with the prospect of having to cook a quick meal without abandoning your nutritional goals, try the “power bowl”. I’ll introduce you to delicious, easy-to-prepare, high-protein meals you can put together in minutes.
  • CREATE IMPOSSIBLE DESSERTS. These are the kinds of desserts you’d think twice about telling your friends what is in them, before serving them and getting reassuring nods of approval. Not only can you wow your guests with these 50 tasty dessert recipes, they are also nutrient-dense (meaning, good for you!)
  • MAKE DAIRY-FREE ICE CREAMS. If you ever suspected those store-bought ice creams are not so good for you health… you’re right. They tend to be thick with chemicals you want to avoid. That’s why I make my own healthy ice creams. You can too with the 50 recipes for healthy homemade non-diary ice creams I’ll share with you.
months 4 and 5 fitness


Second only in importance to nutrition – at least according to my way of thinking – is physical activity. I have been engaged in one or another form of physical fitness for more than half my life. The lessons I have learned over the years are the ones I will be imparting to you over the course of months 4 and 5 of the program.

Being physically fit does not just improve your chances of looking good in front of the mirror! It is a requisite for a strong immune system. It is not an accident that as people become old and weak their immune systems fade away and they become hyper-susceptible to disease. If you want to remain disease-free, then you’ll want to maintain your level of physical fitness.

During these months I’ll help you:

  • AVOID DYING PREMATURELY. None of us are in a hurry to journey to The Great Beyond. What many do not appreciate is the role physical activity helps us to stay tethered to The Land of the Living. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you don’t exercise? I’ll let you know, and how to prevent it.
  • FORTIFY YOUR BODY. A strong body is your ticket to a longer life, a potentially disease-free life, a life spent worrying about the pitfalls of frailty (of which there are many – including susceptibility to disease). I’ll show you what’s needed to create a body that is forever-strong.
  • IDENTIFY THE TOP EXERCISE for creating a strong body. They call it The Original Tough Guy Exercise, The King of Exercises. I have been performing one version or another of it for 30+ years. It works. There’s also no better way than this exercise to stimulate the production of a flood of “youth hormones” in your body.
  • MASTER THE TOP EXERCISE by watching a series of videos I have prepared for you. You’ll see how to perform the only exercise that will simultaneously strengthen your abdominals, your glutes, your back, arms, legs… it hits them all! If you can only do ONE exercise, you’ll want to do this one.
  • BUILD CENTURION ENDURANCE. More than two millenia ago the Romans trained their fighting elite, readying them for battle using a single piece of equipment to enhance their physical endurance. That piece of equipment has survived to this day. I’ll tell you what it is, and give you an app to use it.
months 4 and 5 fitness


In the second of the months devoted to physical fitness I’ll help you:

  • EXERCISE MORE EFFICIENTLY. Why waste time with ineffective and outdated theories of what works best in the gym? By applying the principle of less is more to exercise we come up with the MINIMALISTIC approach to working out – or how to get fit with the least amount of effort!
  • DOWNSIZE YOUR GYM. No time available for working out at the gym? I’ll show you how to leave behind all the gym equipment that seems indispensible and replace it with a tiny
    piece of equipment you can use in your home. In fact, it’s so small you could hide it in a hat box!
  • AVOID WASTING YOUR WORKOUT TIME. If you spend your time slavishly working out you ought to be rewarded for your efforts, right? Yet most people are putting in the time and seeing little results. I’ll tell you why that is (multiple reasons) and how you can avoid these mistakes.
  • DOUBLE YOUR WORKOUT RESULTS. Better yet, get those results in half the time it would take if you tried to figure out the optimal exercise routine on your own. I have spent decades figuring out how to get the biggest bang for my buck in the gym. I’ll tell you what works, and you can skip the rest.
  • GET MOTIVATED to exercise. If you’ve hummed and hawed and made excuses not to begin working out, it’s time to “listen up”. I’ll give you a 30 minute audio session designed to fire you up by showing you how to visualize your rewards so that exercise becomes enjoyment (and not drudgery).

program schedule


Every week, and often more frequently than that, you are going to be receiving from me information designed to spur you into taking steps to change the trajectory of your life.

For example…

  • If you are constantly tired I am going to tell you about the things I have done over the years to reignite my metabolism so that I can pull virtually endless streams of energy – at the very least enough to see me through waltz through the energy-intensive demands of a busy lifestyle!
  • If you find yourself lacking motivation I am going to ply you with mindset empowering strategies to help you envision a better future. And not only envision it, but take the actions needed to realize it.
  • If you have struggled with unwanted excess weight I am going to use the decades of experience I have as personal trainer and expert in nutrition to help you implement a minimalistic exercise and nutrition plan. That means one that gives you the biggest bang for your buck – a leaner, firmer, more vital body, for the least amount of expended time and energy.
  • If you have resigned yourself to the effects of premature aging and convinced yourself that those achy joints and back, thinning bones, and steadily weakening limbs are an inevitable result of pushing past middle age, I am going to show you (a) it’s just not true, and (b) how to reclaim your longevity like I am reclaiming mine!
  • If the challenge of having to push through seasonal illnesses now seems a lot more serious than it previously did, I am going to show you many different approaches to bolstering your immune system so that you can enjoy most of the same protective advantages you did in years past.
  • If you have failed to eliminate harmful foods from your diet, despite years of looking for ways to replace the primary offenders with healthier alternatives, I am going to show you how I have largely managed to do away with sugar, yet I continue to satisy my sweet tooth…
  • If you dread the thought of having to live with a chronic disease during the latter years of your life, I am going to impress upon you all of the lifestyle choices you can make – choices I have embraced over the years – which help to lock in lasting good health. I’ve done it, you can too!

I have so much to share with you, decades of experience spent solving the same problems again and again for people who realized there had to be a better way to face the health challenges confronting them.

You will benefit from hearing about proven solutions to already solved problems and you will be exposed to new ideas as I encounter them and filter the good from the bad so that you need to spend far less time doing so.

Would you like to join me today?

I would love to have you onboard as my newest Wellness Wakeup Call member.


When you elect to take this week-by-week mind and body restructuring journey with me you can expect to experience the most significant rate of improvement within that period (though attending to every aspect of your health should certainly be considered a life-long process).

In fact, if you don’t literally FEEL you are beginning to experience some of the benefits of my program within the first 60 days (time enough for you to begin putting elements of the program into practice), you are welcome to take advantage of my failsafe “elusive wellness” money-back guarantee:

If you are not 100% satisfied you are seeing results – if instead you’re absolutely convinced your state of well-being is immutable and incapable of responding to the commands of my Wellness Wakeup Call protocol – you can request a full refund, no questions asked!

If at any point during the first 60 days you don’t feel like you are making progress, for any reason whatsoever, you can cancel your membership for a full refund. In fact, if you continue your membership for any period of time during which you receive instruction and training on how to improve your general state of health and wellness, you can cancel and request a full refund for that month of the program.

Why can I offer this level of guaranteed satisfaction or your money back?

Because my Wellness Wakeup Call protocol is a comprehensive, well thought out, and thoroughly tested program that gets results.

Once you begin to experience its effects directly I am confident you’ll recognize the quality and worth of the information you are receiving as you make your way through the program, no matter how many months you choose to stay with me.

I know that when you become a member of my Wellness Wakeup Call program you won’t just feel you have made a wise initial investment. You will quickly discover that you want to stick around for as long as you possibly can while I continue to imbue within you a new appreciation and understanding of the factors which influence your general well-being and, ultimately, your appreciation of life and your longevity.

We all want to live as long as we possibly can while maintaining the level of excellent health that allows us to enjoy every single day we have.

Here are 5 reasons why I am fully confident my Wellness Wakeup Call program is the ONLY one that can deliver on its promise to help you secure the extraordinary degree of well-being you deserve:

  • Because I care about your health. It might sound a little corny, but if I was not as passionate about helping others achieve the health and wellness goals they desire I would not have dedicated more than half my life to working directly with others to meet those goals.
  • Because I’ve witnessed the carnage of chronic disease. I have seen its terrible impact “up close and personal”, as they say. The first time it happened I resolved to change my lifestyle for good, and I’ve stuck to the plan. So I know what you need to do to have an excellent chance of achieving this for yourself.
  • Because I know what will not matter to you. It’s one thing to think you know what is the best thing to do to secure lasting health, but unless you’ve applied principles for DECADES like I have you won’t know what actually doesn’t work (though you might think you do). I’ll save you from YEARS of misdirected, wasted effort.
  • Because we are going to do it together, gradually. Honestly, the odds of you making the necessary changes to your life after learning which healthy habits you need to adopt to achieve success? Virtually zero. People are naturally resistant to change. But repeated instruction over time as you will be receiving here? This has a MUCH higher chance of penetrating your core belief system and taking root.
  • Because I cannot succeed unless you do. Because I have structured my Wellness Wakeup Call program as an inexpensive monthly membership I cannot hope to profit from my efforts unless you stick with me for at least several months. To do that I have to ensure you are constantly satisfied, which means I cannot succeed with this program unless YOU also succeed!

Remember, you are FULLY PROTECTED against making an uninformed decision when you sign up today for my Wellness Wakeup Call membership. Even if you only skimmed this page and did not take the time to read every little detail of my offer, you are protected against discovering later that you made an ill-informed decision about your purchase.

That’s because you are covered by my “elusive wellness” money-back guarantee. You risk absolutely nothing when you sign up today and finally give your general health the priority it deserves. You have my word that six months from now when you look back at your decision today to safeguard your health and wellness, that it will seem the smartest thing you could possibly have done.

time to get serious about protecting your health

Confession: As you can see, I’m a no-nonsense girl who believes you have to take action to see results. Years ago taking action for me meant throwing around ever-larger weights in the gym. But today concern for my health has lead me to significantly widen my focus on what I need to do both outside and inside the gym.

If you too can appreciate the fundamental shift we all now need to take when it comes to fortifying our health and locking it in for the long-term, then please join me today.


Click on the green button to begin your Wellness Wakeup Call journey with me as we seek to gradually improve every aspect of your health and feelings of well-being in the days ahead!

Yours in lasting health and wellness,
Carolyn Hansen

Just $9.95 each month

P.S. The Wellness Wakeup Call Program is the only membership-based wellness protocol specifically designed to address your ever-shifting health and wellness concerns in a rapidly changing world.


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