Do you use disease as an obstacle to physical activity, is it your handy “way-out” when you need an excuse not to exercise?

The last thing anyone thinks about doing when sick or not feeling well is starting a workout routine and yet this is the one thing that stands to have a huge positive impact on not only our physical well-being, but on our mental and emotional well-being as well.

The reality is, a strong fit body fights disease off better and also reduces the conditions of any present illness or disease. And, let’s face it, the stronger our body is, the more we can carry out day to day activities without disability issues.

All exercise offers something when it comes to our health, but strength training is king. It improves everyday physical performance and the symptoms of many diseases and sicknesses respond well to proper exercise and strength training.

Anyone hampered with health issues needs to include regular strength training exercises in their weekly routines, otherwise, they are missing out on some serious assistance in getting their health back on track both long-term and short-term.


Benefits of Strength Training –

Whether we are currently healthy or challenged with a health issue, the benefits of regular strength-training workouts are the same:

Increase in over-all body strength (muscles, joint and bones all improve and get stronger)

Detoxification via increased blood circulation

Increased improvement of the functioning of the heart/lung system

Improved oxygen uptake throughout all systems within the body

Better endurance and stamina

Metabolism Booster – A healthy metabolism burns calories long after a workout is finished.

Greater immunity – a strong immune system keeps disease at bay

An image we love in the mirror


Thoughts and Emotions Benefit Too –

The body isn’t the only thing benefiting from strength training. Our mind/thoughts and emotions benefit too. Often the mind and emotional effects of disease treatments are as bad and demoralizing as the physical effects are.

Reduced stress and anxiety (gives one a feeling of control)

The ability to relax easily and experience better, deeper sleep

Increased self-confidence and independence

Elevated moods and happier states of mind

Improved cognitive skills (memory)

Strength training slows muscle loss that comes naturally with age. It builds and strengthens muscles and connective tissue while increaseing bone density. This helps to ward off the dreaded disease of osteoporosis. It helps ease arthritis pain, improves blood-sugar controls, helps improve balance (decreasing the likelihood of falls). Sleeptime benefits and stress is reduced.

Resistance training is both powerful and empowering. It is the open door way to building muscle, joint and bone strength, managing our over-all health and living a happier and more productive life.

Don’t allow disease to be an obstacle to exercise. Disease of any kind is our wakeup call! It is the most valid reason why all of us should be exploring and taking advantage of the many benefits that strength training offers.

It’s time to focus on YOU, your health and your happiness, both inner and outer – 

“Wellness Wake Up Call”     can help you do just that…

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