The adage “it’s in the air” is as true as it gets because sickness happens. Sickness is all around us and just as water flows through the area of least resistance so too does sickness flow to those with least resistance.

But it does not have to a personal menace if we build up our resistance/immunity to it through preventive medicine.

Preventive Medicine –

Preventive medicine is the absence of disease through prevention or by averting complications after onset. It does exactly what it sounds like – prevents sickness before it happens. It focuses on the whole patient and all factors concerning their health.

In the past, disease has been dealt with and conquered by external help. However, the current paradigm of preventive medicine is about motivating the individual to practice his own prevention. This “internal help” is a much more powerful practice that empowers us rather than stripping us of our power.

Adopting a “preventive approach” to our personal health that prescribes wellness through exercise, healthy eating, and pro-active living is key.

The body is an incredibly wise machine and uses energy where it is needed most. Actively using our muscles sends them an especially important message: “I am needed.” Not using our muscles sends the opposite message – they are not needed. This negative note begins their demise – the process of wasting away.

Give them what they require – consistent exercise and daily rest. These positive actions/affirmative messages relay a “need” to our muscles to be alive.

When we provide our muscles what they need to stay strong and healthy they reward us with living power.

Balance healthy eating with proper exercise and begin practicing “preventive medicine.”
Join a gym, participate in a new yoga class (or any other type of exercise class), get active both mentally and physically.

Integrated Medicine –

Tap into the dynamic combination of “Integrated Medicine” by finding a doctor that practices preventive medicine balanced with the wisdom gained through conventional medicine.

This provides the best of both worlds and is, without doubt, the way forward in the future.
Chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes currently account for seven out of ten deaths. This is why screening and detection are critically important as well as fostering healthy habits.

Overweight, sedentary lifestyles, dietary excesses, type A behavior (always striving for achievement, very competitive) have all been linked to cardiovascular disease risk factors that are related in combination or separately to a host of other diseases both metabolic and malignant.

Once we discover that we do indeed (for the most part) have control of the direction our health takes through preventive measures, we realize the power we wield to change and create a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being rather than one that destroys health, steals life-force and ultimately damages and shortens lifespans.

Personal preventive medicine is both a need and a responsibility. This new paradigm in which we eat, think, and live differently reflects someone in control of their health and aimed at prevention rather than someone looking for a cure “after the fact.”

Repeat –  “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We are, without a doubt, experiencing a positive shift towards a brighter “health awareness and future.”

It is a good thing!

It’s time to adopt a preventive approach to personal health…

“Wellness Wake Up Call”     can help you do just that…

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