Although the world we live in is in constant flux, many people walk around in a fog acting sedated and staid about their state of health until the day of reckoning comes.

For many, the recent pandemic/health crisis was/is the day of reckoning as a list of grave issues were brought front and center that can no longer be ignored.

Topping this list is the need to groom, build and grow a healthy immune system, sporting a strong “health bank account” long before a crisis hits.

The same way having a hefty bank account in place ahead of time is key to seeing us through/protecting us from the ups and downs and the natural fluctuations of our economies, building and growing our immunity and our current health is the “bank account” needed to protect us from any “physical health challenges” that may occur on a personal or a global level.

Keeping our financial account in order requires more saving than spending – more deposits than withdrawals. Our physical “health account” works the same way, but the deposits are dependent on our lifestyle choices, not money.

Lifestyle choices are the deposits that add to or deplete our “health bank account.”

Healthy choices grow it, while nonhealthy choices deplete or withdraw from it. It is really that simple.

Personal Health Guide –

If viewed honestly, the guide below helps to identify the status of our health and what needs to be done to keep it in the “black” or what areas may need improvement to get it there.

Signs of Super Health –

  • Endless energy
  • Sharp, clear mind
  • Healthy, positive outlook on life
  • Toned and physically fit body
  • Rarely or never ill
  • Joy of living
  • High motivation

Vertically Ill –

  • Excessive tiredness
  • Mood swings
  • Low concentration
  • Unfit and exhausted by exercise
  • Frequently ill and run down
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Dissatisfied with life
  • Flabby muscles
  • Up and down motivation
  • Body issues/aches and pains

Horizontally ill –

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Mind confusion/depression/pessimism
  • No exercise at all
  • Life is nothing but hard work
  • Despair that life is against me
  • No muscle, too much fat
  • Low or no motivation
  • Feel bad body

After an honest review, where did you end up?

The ideal of course is to be in the “super-health” category with boundless energy for both mind and body, toned with strong muscles and super enthusiasm for life.

Not surprisingly, many people fall into the “vertically ill” category leaving plenty of room for improvement.

If, after review, you find your health landed in either the “vertically ill” or “horizontally ill” category, do not despair. Yes, your health is currently in “the red” or in terms of a bank account, bankrupt and you may feel physically drained and mentally depleted, fatigued, and depressed but the last thing you want to do is give up. This is your point of power. When you recognize the need for change.

Many deposits will be required to get your account healthy, thriving, and working for you and unlike your financial bank account that allows others to deposit for you, no one but you can add to/deposit into your personal health bank account. This one is all up to you.

However, taking responsibility for one’s past actions is what empowers one to change their current actions and thus move their situation from negative to positive.

If your health currently suffers because your health bank account is in “the red” due to past unhealthy choices, the power lies with you to change it from “red to black” by making healthier choices/deposits.

Remember, every positive action, no matter how small adds to your health bank account, building it, the same way one penny added to your financial bank account builds it. So do not overlook the small things. Making simple changes like opting for fruit or veggie sticks as a snack rather than a candy bar is a small but effective deposit into your health account.

Every healthy lifestyle choice we make is a deposit into our health account. Every positive, healthy thought, feeling and action taken is a deposit into our health account. So, never give up.

Begin with baby steps/small deposits into your “health bank account.” As your health increases, these small steps transition into larger ones and soon become giant steps/big deposits moving your account from “red to black” and your health from dibiliatating disease and despair to dynamite energy and vibrant living.

It’s time to boost your “health bank account”….

“Wellness Wake Up Call”     can help you do just that…

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