Looking for a serious health boost?

The medicinal properties of ginger continue to amaze. It is safe for nearly everyone with little to no known side effects. Because it is nutrient dense, with bioactive compounds, it offers a powerhouse of health benefits for both our brain and our bodies.

This popular disease fighting spice has been used as a food product for centuries and recognized as a cure for a variety of ailments including the common cold and cough. Next to turmeric, ginger is a common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine because it has proven to be one of the world’s greatest warriors against disease.

Ginger, the main ingrediant in ginger ale is often used as a remedy for upset stomachs and nausea. It is a warrior against inflammation and stills and prevents motion sickness. 

Consumed in varying amounts in food and beverage products, ginger is also known as a powerful warrior against certain tyes of cancer. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and pancreatic cancer all benefit.

Research done on mice that had tumors revealed that ginger even acts to kill cancer cells two different ways.

Apoptosis: The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are strong, helping to prevent precancerous tumors from creating the ideal breeding ground for growth.

Autophagy: Ginger plays the magician role and actually tricks cancer cells into eating and destroying themselves.

Chewing it or enjoying it as a tea is a popular and common home remedy used by many cancer patients as it helps tremendously with nausea.

A rich source of antioxidants –

Upping the amount of ginger to the diet provides a real boost to our cancer fighting warriors. There are also other, unexpected benefits that ginger offers. 

Ginger is a rich source of antioxidants that fight off free radicals. This helps to reduce pain because it contains certain vallinoids… paradols and ginerols and other contituents… shogoals and zingerons, all active ingredients. It also provides analgesic properties similar to ibuprofen and is one of the best pain killers in the world.

Ginger is recognized as an effective remedy agains chronic indigestion – dyspesia because it reduces flatulence but stimulates saliva and bile. It also helps our body to sweat, warming it from the inside out. Ginger is a valuable health aide when colds or flu’s attack.

Ongoing studies reveal it also works to treat Type 2 diabetes – a common problem globally. 

Our brains benefit from this common, but powerfully healing spice as well. The bioactive compounds found in ginger provide antioxidant properites, ensuring healthier brain function. This helps to keep us cognitively healthy and dementia at bay.

As part of the  Zingiberaceae family along with turmeric and cardamom, it can be consumed fresh, dried as a spice, powdered, in oil form or even juiced.

Normally used in small amounts it does not account for any significant quantities of carbohydrates, protein, fiber or calories. It’s the perfect condiment to flavor foods and drinks without adding any extra sodium. Ginger pairs easily with seafood, melons, pork, apples, and squashes. Often used in different types of “ginger” cookies and baked goods. It is a super spice that easily crosses over from main meals to desserts.

Fresh Ginger –

When purchasing fresh ginger look for a root that is smooth with taut, wrinkle free skin. It should have a nice spicy aroma. Wrap ginger tightly in a container and store in the refrigerator or the freezer.

This spice earns the title of “super-food” because it offers tremendous healing effects.

Empowered to turn your life and your health around, ginger is the perfect way to add to your “health account.” Make today the day you add it to the top of your grocery list. 

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