We are at an incredible time in the history of mankind as more and more scientists join, study, and research the exciting, relatively new, expanding field of human consciousness and its relationship to how our genetics play out.

Traditional, closed minded, worn out, rigid concepts and beliefs about our relationship to our personal genetics and how they control or affect our lives are being challenged and tossed out.

Exciting new discoveries in epigenetics show that the mind is not an accidental player in the realm of matter…but rather the creator and governor of the realm of matter, acknowledging a very important point: that the observer is the sole creator of their reality.

Epigenetic literally means “in addition to changes in genetic sequence” and “includes any process that alters gene activity without causing or changing the DNA sequence.” While traditional genetics describes how the DNA sequences in our genes get passed from one generation to another, epigenetics focuses on the way the genes are used.

“Epigenetics involves genetic control by factors other than an individual’s DNA sequence. Epigenetic changes can switch genes on or off and determine which proteins are transcribed.

As cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explains: “We have come to a new way of understanding biology” …no longer can we claim or use as an excuse the idea that we are simply victims of our genes.

It turns out that the mind…is the connecting point between belief and reality. Whatever our beliefs are…the mind goes to work creating that reality for us. In other words, we are personally involved and responsible for the creation of our lives via our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

According to Dr. Lipton, gene activity changes daily and we can literally “change the fate of our cells by altering our thoughts.” He goes on to explain that “our mind can alter the activity of our genes and creates over thirty thousand variations of products from each gene.”

In other words, gene programs are contained within the nucleus of each cell and these gene programs can be rewritten by changing blood chemistry. It seems with the help of our beliefs we can actually manipulate the way our cells read our genes and our DNA” rather than our previous belief of being totally subject to our inherited genes and their programming. How powerful is that?

It seems that forces outside of our DNA sequences, environmental, energetic, and cellular influences play a huge role in the development and functioning of our biological systems and that external environmental influences on genes influence disease.

External environmental influences

External environmental influences are affected by our perceptions/thoughts and beliefs.

What does this mean?

If we want to change our “external conditions, “we must focus on the point of origination and that’s “internal.” Our deep-seated thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions – the fodder of our subconscious mind is responsible for our current conditions, including the state of our health.

Reprogramming our subconscious mind, the power center that literally controls 95% of our lives, empowers us to change our genetic patterns/how our genes act and ultimately our health and our lives.

In other words, to heal any health disturbance or disease, we must remove our focus from external conditions and begin shifting the way we think, what our subconscious beliefs are… because that’s where creation begins.

We cannot expect to have a healthy body (no matter how strong our genes or what they are programmed with) if our mind is full of negativity and sabotaging belief patterns. It is that simple.

When observing the action of genes, all evidence must be considered…genes, disease, and environmental factors. They are all part of the new epigenetics power that begins and end with the mind.

This new knowledge is a double-edged sword revealing an especially important fact – that although our inherited genes are the starting point, our beliefs perceptions and lifestyles play the biggest role in our lives and the behavior of our genes…including the status of our health.

This makes us ultimately responsible for our lives. However, responsibility and empowerment go hand in hand. Change our thoughts and our actions change, change our actions and our health changes, change our health and our lives change.

It is all connected, and the new science of epigenetics reveals this.

Change your thoughts to change your health…

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